Everyone will be better at some basketball skills than others.

Becoming a basketball star is really no different than becoming a celestial star.  Stars [in space] coalesce from matter surrounding them.  If the exact same matter in exacting amounts coalesced precisely the same way for all stars then all stars would be identical.  Obviously they are't.  No two stars are even remotely alike.  Stars make no excuses, they make the best of what they are; stars mold themselves and squeeze themselves and condense themselves until... they SHINE!!!

Demand that you be the best you that you can be: Each of us must take responsibility for our own actions and in-actions.  You and you alone are responsible for your basketball skills and for that matter your life skills.  Demand something of yourself.  Demand to be the best you that you can be.  Certainly you must learn from others.  Certainly you must stand on the shoulders of giants, but apply all those teachings, all those studied basketball skills to you being you.  I'm not saying try to be different, you already are.  You are unique.  Spend your life, day after day, being a better you than you were yesterday.  Being the very best you that you can be is what allows your being to shine like a star on and off the basketball court. 

Develop your basketball chops through skills, drills and trainingLearn how to play basketball.  Which skills define your weaknesses?  Design a drill to develop one of those weaknesses into a strength.  Execute that drill and continue executing that drill until that specific weakness becomes a strength.  Then design another drill to improve another weakness.  Execute that drill until the weakness you are improving becomes a strength.  Continue this process throughout your basketball career.  Mold your mind and physique into a basketball player and a person that is uniquely you remembering it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel or reinvent you, just modify and continue modifying you... supe-you-up. 

The past you see... is just that - it has passed, never to be repeated.  Using the lessons of your past you can build on your past creating your future.  But if you allow your past to equal your future - YOU ARE DOOMED - doomed to a life of regret.  If you allow your past to equal your future - YOU ARE DOOMED - doomed to a life of shoulda-woulda-coulda.  Study your present to blue-print how to utilize the building blocks of your past while constructing your foundation and use your present life to blue-print how to utilize and build on that foundation as you're molding you, molding your being, molding and creating your future.


Stand up, imagine you're standing on the 
'Present.'  Turn your body to literally [and figuratively] face your past with your back to your future.  Use all the information and all those learnings you see in your past to remember.  Remember your past right through to the present to blueprint and build your foundation.  Now mark this spot [Present] on your imaginary line with a book [any book will do] then literally [and figuratively] turn and walk this imaginary time line into your future, ten years into your future, each step you take equals one year on your imaginary time line.  Stop ten years out into your future, turn around and face the 'Present.'  Look back to the present from ten years into your future.  On your imaginary time line you are now the basketball player you wanted to be ten years ago.  Now study your imaginary past.  Study what it took for you to achieve the abilities this imaginary 'future you' possesses?  Now that you know what it took to get here [ten years into your future] slowly walk back the ten years to ' Present' collecting all your new [future] memories along the way and when you reach 'Present' turn around and face your future once again.  You will now use all the new information that molded you into the 'future you' and all those learnings you collected from your imaginary past to project a blue-print detailing how to build on your foundation [Present] to create the future you. 
Simple.  Write down the drills and skills that you now know are necessary to get you from the present you to your future you.
Literally, write them down.
There have been many studies performed on the effects of writing down one's goals, all of them point to significant evidence that writing down one’s goals GREATLY enhances goal achievement.  You're going beyond writing down goals by writing down the steps [drills] that actually bring about your goals.  Drills you know work; you've seen their results in your own mind!

Stars have no regrets as they unceasingly mold themselves, continuously squeeze, and perpetually condense themselves until... they downright SHINE!!! 
Everyone will be better at some basketball skills than others just like every star is different.