Learn To Shoot 60% From the Field and 90% From the Free Throw Line Right Here - Right Now!  
I'm called "THE" Shooting Coach for good reason!  What makes a GREAT basketball scorer? 
A trained body and a brain trained to use that trained body.  This system works. It works fast. It works easily. It works for everyone.

Proper Basketball Shooting Techniques and Shooting Mechanics Explained: 
Shooting a basketball accurately is not difficult.  Many basketball camps teach players to shoot 40 - 50% from the free throw line with their eyes closed.  W0W!  But these same players only improve 5 - 30% with eyes wide open!  Why? 
They've been taught only shooting mechanics.  All other basketball shooting coaches teach extremely complex shooting mechanics. 
Does this mean all the other basketball shooting coaches are wrong? 
These coaches can only teach what they know, only what they've been taught.  Certainly shooting mechanics can help any player become a better shot, but perfect shooting mechanics cannot overcome the hundreds, even thousands, of distractions your conscious mind is reacting to while you're shooting during a game or even in practice.

Basketball Players are a dime a dozen - Scorers are a RARE COMMODITY!  
Vision is the 'Key' to brain training.  Vision is the 'Key' to entering 'The Zone.' 
One entrance into 'The Zone' and the 'Key To High Percentage Basketball Shooting' are the same!  All portals to 'The Zone' deal with engaging the imagination but none of them have a thing to do with touchy-feelly 
gobbldy-gook like visualizing your shot going in or think-positive-thoughts and you too can shoot lights out.  That's All A Bunch Of Hooey! 

I am a shooting specialist. 
Everything you need to know about shooting and scoring is in the NEW Basketball Shooting Book, "Basketball - It's All About The Shot." 

What's your basketball goal? 
My mental basketball shooting technique has dramatically increased shooting percentages with 100% of the players I've coached during one on one coaching sessions and even with distant coaching (meaning players who read and follow the basketball shooting book to a ‘T' - no short cuts).  Mental basketball shooting works for girls, boys, AAU, high school basketball, college and professional players.

Other 'shooting coaches' concentrate on teaching elaborate shooting mechanics because they don't know what else to do, and it's painfully obvious sports psychologists don't have a clue either.  
I mention this only to reinforce the sad state of affairs surrounding the inability of elite basketball players to accurately shoot .  It's truly truly sad.

Contact me, your personal basketball shooting coach, about shooting and coaching.  
Let's talk about how to shoot, shooting mechanics, shooting technique and shooting form.  Let's talk about incorporating my shooting drills and shooting tips into your basketball training.  Want your shooting percentage to skyrocket?  "Basketball - It's All About The Shot." 
The combination of this website and the book is explosive.  
Watch your offensive output explode!  The two go together like a rim and a net.  

Here you will learn to coach better.  Here you will learn to play better. 
Shooting a ball through a hoop and stopping your opponents from scoring encapsulate all aspects of coaching and playing basketball.  
Everyone coaching basketball will be surprised to find coaching strategies and training never seen elsewhere.  This basketball shooting website is devoted to training with drills for coaching plays, shooting tips, coaching tips, playing tips, coaching peripheral vision, enhancing court vision, shooting drills and one on one coaching. 

Here you will learn to execute aspects of this wonderful game of basketball you never even knew existed, I don't care who you are!

"It's up... and... It's Good!!!"